2024 12th International Conference on Knowledge Discovery

August 19-21, 2024 | Macau S.A.R, China

Call for Papers

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Authors are invited to submit full paper describing original research work in areas including, but are not limited to:

Track Chairs:

Track 1: Assoc. Prof. Liu Gang, Shenzhen Technology University, China

Track 3: Prof. Paulo Batista, University of √Čvora, Portugal


 Track 1. Foundations of Intelligent Systems:
 Artificial Intelligence Theories
 Intelligent System Models
 Logic, Reasoning & Problem Solving
 Multi-Agent Systems
 Soft Computing and Fuzzy Systems
 Case-Based Reasoning, Neural Networks
 Probabilistic Reasoning
 Search, Optimization and Planning
 Genetic and Swarm Computing
 Pattern Recognition
 Speech Recognition
 Computer Vision
 Machine Learning
 Biological Inspired Computation
 Game Theory
 Computational Intelligence
 Image/Video Processing
 Computer Vision and Brain-Computer Interface
 Cognitive Systems and Information processing
 Computational Neurosciencen)

 Track 3. Knowledge Engineering and Management:
 Knowledge Representation and Modeling
 Knowledge Maintenance; Knowledge Elicitation
 Knowledge-Based Systems
 Expert Systems or Decision Support Systems
 Content Management and Knowledge Management Systems
 Workflow Management Systems
 Business Process Reengineering
 Ontology Engineering (Modeling, Mapping, Integration)
 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
 Natural Language Processing
 Text Mining, Classification and Summarization
 Textual Entailment; Question Answering Systems
 Document Preparation and Text Processing
 Language Translation and Linguistics
 Information Storage, Annotation and Retrieval
 Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data Retrieval
 Data Simulation, Modeling, and Visualization
 Information and Knowledge Integration (Semantic Web; SOA, XML and  Business  Process Integration)


 Track 2. Practical Applications and Systems:
 Social Computing, Service Computing and Mobile Computing
 Intelligent Game
 Intelligent Multimedia
 User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction
 Intelligent Engineering Systems
 Business Intelligence
 Knowledge Engineering in E-commerce, Art and Education
 Intelligent Bioinformatics Systems
 Intelligent Healthcare Systems
 E-learning and Intelligent Tutoring Systems
 Intelligent Systems in Engineering and Science
 Knowledge-based Software Engineering
Adaptive and Intelligent Control Systems, Perceptron and Navigation
 Intelligent issues in GIS, Networks or in Internet of Things
 Social Issues of Knowledge Engineering